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When working with clip art and other digital graphics you will come across two main file types. One is .JPG and the other is .PNG. So how do you know which one to use?

The main difference between JPG and PNG is with the compression used. JPG is considered a lossy compressed file format. Technically this means when saving as a .JPG, information will be discarded so to make the file size smaller. You won’t necessarily see any difference with your eyes, but the resolution may be cut down on this image. A PNG is a lossless file format. This means the quality of the image will not change, but the size of the file will usually be larger.

PNG for transparent background

At GJSArt Studio we like to use the PNG files when we need a transparent background. JPG will usually have a white background or a square image that fills the entire image area. A PNG can have a transparent background. PNG files are perfect when you need a graphic to overlay another photo. Watch the video above for a demonstration of JPG vs. PNG and transparent backgrounds.

Note: Most of our clip art bundles come with both JPG and PNG file formats.


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