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You may have noticed that all of our products state they are high-res. While this may reassure you they are of high quality, what does it really mean to say “high resolution”? Well, with our products it means a few different things depending on the product you’re considering. Let’s look at what a high resolution clip art image is and what makes it high-res.

What is High Resolution

It has become a standard phrase to say “dpi”. However when talking about digital images it really should be “ppi” or pixels per inch. When we talk about image quality, the more pixels should result in better image quality. Keep in mind, along with better quality comes a larger file size. When working with print, it’s common to use 300ppi images. When working on web images, 72ppi will provide a usable image and lower the file size enough to keep the site running fast.

Each and every one of our digital paper products are 300ppi and 12”x12” (inch). This simply means they are 300 pixels-per-inch and a physical size of 12”x12” square. This ensures they can be used for professional print quality and could be cropped to any size within a 12”x12” area.

Most of our clip art bundles also offer .jpg and .png files which are 300ppi. PNG files are perfect for transparent backgrounds. Also, most of these bundles offer the clip art in .svg and .eps as well. Since both SVG and EPS file types are vector clip art, they no longer are measured in pixels but made from paths. Using vector images is usually the best and most sought after graphics. The reason is they can be scaled in a software like Adobe Illustrator to any size without loosing quality.


FAQ About Our Graphic Products

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